About Me

I'm a current student at The Art Institute of Atlanta in the Web Design and Interactive Media BFA program.  I hail originally from the Poconos in a small town in North Eastern PA.  At age 21, I moved to Los Angeles where I established my own pet grooming business and played with movie stars, music stars and porn stars.  I fell in love with Web and Graphic Design, prompting a major career change and my enrollment into The Art Institute of California - Hollywood.  I moved to Georgia in the summer of' 09 where I transferred to The Art Institute of Atlanta.

I'm proud of the fact that I'm a very colorful person.  Literature, Music and Art have been the staples of my life, holding me together since I can remember.   It's important to realize that you're never too old to learn new tricks and pick up new and interesting hobbies and skills.   If you love anything on this earth, I guarantee...you have something in common with me!  Share the love, and spread the passion!  Imagine, Create and Inspire!

What I live for:

Nature - Camping, Walking, Hiking.
Music - I sing, play the flute, the didjridu,  guitar and piano.  I also love to dance.
Technology - I love computers, smart phones, software, and eReaders.  Basically, anything that makes life easier while making it all the more frustrating and time consuming.
Art - I'm in school for web design, but enjoy tinkering around in Photoshop and Illustrator.  I also draw fairly well, and enjoy the occasional colored-pencil or acrylic paint rendering.
Digital Photography - I LOVE time spent outdoors with my Nikon D80.
Pet Grooming - worked as a professional and business owner for 5+ years in the field.
Reading - Mostly autobiographical works and self-improvement.
Counted X-Stitch - Been doing it since I'm 16
Italian Food
Merlot - total WINO here.
Making a mess in the kitchen - though I wouldn't call it culinary skills.
Motorcycles - I ride, I ride...my OWN