Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hip and Fabulous Web Design.

You MUST MUST check this website out if you are an aspiring web designer or a seasoned one for that matter!  I am a big fan of current trends...and thinking outside the "box" when it comes to web design.  I can't wait until I'm THIS good.

Programming class...I KNOW you'll pay off.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Meet Paula Pertile

This woman is one of my favorite illustrators. She is AMAZING with colored pencil renderings, but has lately started to experiment in Photoshop and other digital illustration software mediums.  I LOVE reading her blogs and looking at the her fabulous illustrations.  Here name is Paula Pertile, and here is the link to her awesome blog, Drawing A Fine Line.  You NEED to check out her candy bar wrapper art!

Web Design inspiration from a Scrapbook?

One day while I was standing in line at the checkout in a Home Depot...my eyes brushed across the hundreds of magazines offering inspiration for painting your home and creative interior design.  Among the magazine rack were other magazines which included one for scrapbookers.  I was particularly attracted to this magazine because I noticed a great deal of similarity between the layouts for creative scrapbooking pages and the layouts of modern web design.  Indeed, I had one of those lightbulb "a-ha!" moments!  Why did I simply never think about this before?  I've been scrapbooking for years! 

I started to page through the book, and realized that there are was a wealth of design layout inspiration right there in front of my nose!  The beauty: these magazines come out MONTHLY! 

My point to all my fellow web designers:  don't get discouraged in thinking that the internet is the only place you can find web-layout inspiration and color patterns.  Turn to other resources as well like a scrapbooking magazine, interior design catalogues, and of course...nature of all things!  If you can open your mind...you'll soon discover you've opened your eyes as well!  The world is full of posibilities!

Here is one of my favorite online blogs offering tons of updated layout inspiration for scrapbooking (and yes...there are sooo many out there!):
In A Scrap of Paper

Here is an example of a layout and color palette suggestion found on "In A Scrap of Paper" created by Lari Scrap which completely illustrates interior design as a form of inspirataion:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Today's Abstract.

I'm so relieved to see wildly colorful abstract paintings.  I found this great artist through Rtist.com who makes such beautiful pieces that really move me.  Granted, most would agree that his choice of color and use of shapes are harmonious and very pretty...pleasing to the eye.

But for me...it takes my eyes one second to tell my heart that I'm in love with his pieces.  It's sort of like I can identify with the piece.  You see...I myself am colorful and all over the place.  I cant be boxed in to any one idea.  Im not symmetrical, and I'm a bit chaotic.  But I'm at home in my beautiful chaos.

To view more from this fabulous artist visit his portfolio website:


Artwork by Rob Steele

Passionately brought to you by Stacey via my Android phone.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Speak Greek to me.

Powerful.  Inspiring. Sensual.  Provoking.  What does the image of this sculpture stir up in you?  Indeed, the ancient Greeks got it...way back then.

Passionately brought to you by Stacey via my Android phone.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Website ambience...

I found this AMAZING portfolio site of a fellow web designer.  I'm highly inspired by the use of soft, yet vibrant colors from photography.  I found the web page images to be insightful, and I love the way the functionality of the site is positioned, off-center, and to the right side of the page, allowing for the photographic imagery to do the selling and set the mood.

 Credit Source:  Web Design Portfolio & Guide by Donald Peterson, NYC