Saturday, July 17, 2010

Today's Abstract.

I'm so relieved to see wildly colorful abstract paintings.  I found this great artist through who makes such beautiful pieces that really move me.  Granted, most would agree that his choice of color and use of shapes are harmonious and very pretty...pleasing to the eye.

But for takes my eyes one second to tell my heart that I'm in love with his pieces.  It's sort of like I can identify with the piece.  You see...I myself am colorful and all over the place.  I cant be boxed in to any one idea.  Im not symmetrical, and I'm a bit chaotic.  But I'm at home in my beautiful chaos.

To view more from this fabulous artist visit his portfolio website:

Artwork by Rob Steele

Passionately brought to you by Stacey via my Android phone.

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